Toon Boom Animation is Hiring Quality Assurance Tester

January 31, 2014 in Job Hunting

Quality Assurance Tester
The Quality Assurance Tester is a member of the Research and Development (R&D) department and is supervised by the R&D Director. The main responsibilities is to implement and generate test plans to ensure that all quality standards are followed.
Main responsibilities
 Work in collaboration with developers and testers to develop tests to ensure accuracy, consistency and completeness of the developed software;
 Ensure quality standards are followed and submit results to the technical advisor;
 Implement system tests and generate system tests results;
 Test and review the user documentation (e.g., installations, user’s guides, tutorials, online help, release note);
 Diagnose customer’s problems;
 Develop in-depth knowledge of all aspects of our software;
 Develop the ability to investigate any technical issue and offer appropriate solutions;
 Assist the Technical Support department and occasionally offer the first level of technical support;
 Communicate any new bugs found during testing procedure to the Quality Assurance Coordinator.
 Ensure that all the quality standards are followed.
 Communicate to the Technical Writer any update or correction to bring to the software documentation after having reviewed it.
 Work in collaboration with the developers to build a quality product without bugs.
 Respect the established testing schedule.
 Experience in developing and executing tests on large applications (preferably), multimedia products, video games or other software;
 Experience in technical support for a production application;
 Experience in generating and executing test plans;
 Ability to execute manual tests on a continuous basis (Black box testing);
 Ability to install, configure and manage Linux, Mac OS X and Windows platforms;
 Knowledge of Toon Boom Harmony), traditional animation, special effects software or of vectorised drawing software (Flash);
 Be rigorous and methodic;
 Bilingual (French/English) and good written and verbal communication skills.
You must be a strong team player, display good interpersonal skills, show initiative and autonomy, and have demonstrated success in delivering high reliability products in a critical time environment.

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