Optimize your website -Part 3

November 24, 2013 in Knowledge Sharing, Web Design

Feedback from our users:

Y.Li : Cannot login in Chrome and Safari2
Please clear your chrome cookies. Please check the following link for how to clear the cookies:


F.Fei: Why I still feel it is slow?
Well, it because of two factors:
1. Your network speed
I know this answer might not be able to convince you, but in some case ,it is the root cause. Because different people located in different region, sometimes it is the major reason. So the better way is using the webpagetest for measurement.
2. Website host’s design
Even in using webpagetest, sometime is faster,sometime it is slower. This is caused by the design of the webhoster, they will slow down those pages which are not frequently visited. If you run the webpagetest more than 5 times ,you will find the fist time it is ‘F’ ,but the rest 4 times will be ‘A’

One possible solution is using static page as the homepage.
Here is the testing result if we use the static page:


Z.Su: CSS is mess up in my browser.
It is caused by w3 total cache, disable the ‘Minify’ feature will solve this problem.


2 responses to Optimize your website -Part 3

  1. it's still very slow on my computer, I don't think network speed is the cause since I open other sites pretty quick.
    I agree with you on changing the home page to a simple one.
    when can that be done?

    thanks Mr. Cao

  2. As soon as you provide me the content, we can start changing the Home page to a static one.
    I think it will take me about 1 minute to finish the job.
    After that we will got the system all green. 6 A is we are lucky.


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