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Job Opportunity in St. Laurent

March 6, 2014 in Job Hunting

My name is Ashley Cline and I am a recruiter with Volt Workforce Solutions. I am reaching out to you because I came across your profile on LinkedIn and wanted to know if you were still looking for work. I have a position available in St. Laurent for an Automation QA Developer, with a company called Hewlett-Packard. I have attached the job description so please take a moment to look it over.
Please email or call me at 800-595-8658 x233 so we can discuss the opportunity further.

Thank you and have a great day!

Ashley Cline
Sourcing Specialist

Volt Workforce Solutions
3733 National Drive. Suite 100 | Raleigh, NC 27612
tf | 800-595-8658 x233

Job Description

Job Title: Wireless Automation QA Developer Grade II

Role: The Automation Specialist will develop new and/or conduct QA

analysis of existing test suites using PHP & Bash which exercise and

verify the functionality of a family of wireless products.

Duration: 12 month initial contract with extension opportunities.

Reports to: Automation Project Manager

The Company

VMC leads the Volt Information Sciences (VIS) group of companies in delivering high-quality,

high-value consulting solutions to solve the business issues our customers face. VMC offers

project-based services in product development, software and hardware testing, technical

communications, helpdesk, management consulting, systems implementation, data center

services, technical support, and outbound sales.

The Position

This position will initially be located on one of VMC’s client’s site in the west of Montreal

Island. The goals for the automation team are to provide a reliable, maintainable framework

that meets the needs of the wireless Mobility team.

The role of the Wireless Automation Developer/Tester is to develop software to automate

the manual test methods used to verify new and existing functionality for our clients wireless

access equipment. Test automation software is written in Bash and PHP scripting languages

within a Linux environment.

The role is also expected to assist in the design, implementation and execution of automated

tests as well as conduct manual regression and functionality QA testing if required.

In addition, the successful candidate will complete detailed defect analysis of the test results

and resolve problems caused by the automation suite and environment.

Key Responsibilities

The successful candidate will be expected to complete the following tasks:

• Create automated test cases of new functionality and regression test cases

• Create test plans and test cases.

• Execute QA and regression test cases.

• Develop automation suites covering all user interfaces, Soap, CLI and Web GUI.

• Create automation scripts using Bash and PHP in a Linux environment.

• Execute automation test suites and complete analysis of results.

• Manitain and update existng automated test cases.

• Provide support to the VMC automation team.

Required skills, knowledge and experience


• Degree (or equivalent qualification) in math’s, computer science, software or electronics

plus minimum of 4+ years of relevant industry experience.

• Linux environment experience.

• Excellent proven understanding of scripting languages (Bash & PHP) and test automation


• Proven experience of developing automated test frameworks and environments.

• Experience with Test Plan & Test Case development

• Bilingual, working knowledge of French/English

• Networking and wireless (Wi-Fi) experience.

• Software programming experience

• Worked in an automation environment

• Software code debugging

• Excellent communication skills, able to work in teams

• Understanding of debug techniques


NEW GRAD!!!! Software Test Engineer

March 6, 2014 in Job Hunting

NEW GRAD!!!! Software Test Engineer


What We Offer:

We offer a competitive compensation package; including 4 weeks’ vacation, 10 paid sick days, Employee Stock Purchase Plan, Group Registered Retirement Savings Plan, Deferred Profit Sharing Plan, full health benefits as of date of hire. Nuance offers a relaxed yet technically challenging work environment. Join our dynamic, entrepreneurial team and become part of our fast growing track of continuing success. Nuance is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


What We Are Looking For:

The Software Test Engineer will report to the Automation Manager and be part of the Automation team which is co-located in Montreal and Burlington, MA. Major responsibility will be to work with team to validate Nuance’s NMT SDKs, which are used to develop speech enabled applications in a client-server environment, and to develop automation tools for various Mobility QA teams.


  • Develop test frameworks to automatically validate various Nuance SDK products.
  • Develop test suites directly in the native language and on specific mobile devices.
  • Develop reference and test applications using Nuance SDK products.
  • Work closely with the SDK Development team and Product Management to define the API and architecture.
  • Evaluate the SDKs for usability, reliability and compatibility.
  • Develop automated testing and reporting environments.
  • Work with development teams and product managers to investigate and Develop automation tools for client and server applications.





Required Skills:

  • Bachelor or Graduate University Degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science or equivalent
  • 0 to 5 years of relevant work exeprience
  • Experience developing with or testing client-server APIs
  • Experience developing software tests and test tools.
  • Strong debugging skills in a client-server architecture.
  • Working knowledge of J2SE, C++
  • Strong ability to work in a team environment as well as independently.
  • Fast learner/self-starter in a fast paced, dynamic environment
  • Excellent communication and documentation skills in English.



  • Working knowledge of C#
  • Experience in JUnit, CUnit, GoogleTest or other unit test frameworks.
  • Mobile application development in Android, iOS, and/or WP7
  • Experience with open source test frameworks like FitNesse and JMeter
  • Experience with mobile automation tools like Robotium, UI Automator.
  • Speech recognition industry experience

Nuance’s Mobility Division builds innovative, intelligent and intuitive touch and speech interfaces to simplify and enhance the way people interact with mobile devices, applications, and services. Nuance Mobile solutions make mobile devices and in-car systems easier to use, automate customer self-service, and optimize the access and discovery of even the most advanced mobile applications and content – regardless of technical know-how, location, environment, or physical and literacy capabilities.!!!!-software-test-engineer

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Babel Media的游戏测试职位

February 12, 2014 in Job Hunting


This position requires you to be at least 18 old, to have a detailed knowledge of video games, a strong knowledge of the English language
and a range of other skills.

FQA testers ensure games and applications are free from bugs and issues that affect its function. This could be anything that was not ‘by design’, no matter how small or large the effect is to the game/application.

If you agree with the above, we ask you to download and complete the attached QA_Skills_Test and answer the questions below.

Please use the table below to indicate your availability for shifts.

D Journée seulement / Day Only
Eve Soir seulement (15 h 30 à minuit) / Evening only
Any Quart de jour ou du soir /  Day or Evening Shift
DBL Disponible pour le jour et de soir / Double shift (day and evening)
N/A Non disponible / Not available
  Congé férié, êtes-vous disponible? / Holiday, are you available?



Semaine / Week

Lundi / Mon

Mardi / Tues

Mercredi / Wed

Jeudi / Thurs

Ven / Fri

Commentaires / Comments














Semaine / Week

Lundi / Mon

Mardi / Tues

Mercredi / Wed

Jeudi / Thurs

Ven / Fri

Commentaires / Comments






8e mars









*** CRUCIAL ***
We are offering an on-call contract at a rate of $10.15/hour.  Expect a Mon. to Fri 40 hr./week schedule, if on a project.
You need to be available to work 9AM-5:30PM, Monday – Friday  

Should the clients asks for more testers, the working shifts will become 7h00-3h00 and 15h00-00h00.
If you disagree with the above or are unavailable – you are NOT eligible.

1) Have you been referred by anyone at Babel Media?        

2) Do you live in Montreal, or close enough to able to work there?

3) Are you over 18 years of age?

4) You agree and understand that this is an on-call position that demands full time availabilities?

Reply with your answers and with the completed test attached, please make sure that  it’s been renamed properly.
Your test results will decide whether or not you move on into the next step of the recruitment process, so take your time.


era-environmental 招聘.net asp programmer

February 9, 2014 in Job Hunting

Senior .Net Programmer Analyst

Junior – Intermediate Programmer




Toon Boom Animation is Hiring Quality Assurance Tester

January 31, 2014 in Job Hunting

Quality Assurance Tester
The Quality Assurance Tester is a member of the Research and Development (R&D) department and is supervised by the R&D Director. The main responsibilities is to implement and generate test plans to ensure that all quality standards are followed.
Main responsibilities
 Work in collaboration with developers and testers to develop tests to ensure accuracy, consistency and completeness of the developed software;
 Ensure quality standards are followed and submit results to the technical advisor;
 Implement system tests and generate system tests results;
 Test and review the user documentation (e.g., installations, user’s guides, tutorials, online help, release note);
 Diagnose customer’s problems;
 Develop in-depth knowledge of all aspects of our software;
 Develop the ability to investigate any technical issue and offer appropriate solutions;
 Assist the Technical Support department and occasionally offer the first level of technical support;
 Communicate any new bugs found during testing procedure to the Quality Assurance Coordinator.
 Ensure that all the quality standards are followed.
 Communicate to the Technical Writer any update or correction to bring to the software documentation after having reviewed it.
 Work in collaboration with the developers to build a quality product without bugs.
 Respect the established testing schedule.
 Experience in developing and executing tests on large applications (preferably), multimedia products, video games or other software;
 Experience in technical support for a production application;
 Experience in generating and executing test plans;
 Ability to execute manual tests on a continuous basis (Black box testing);
 Ability to install, configure and manage Linux, Mac OS X and Windows platforms;
 Knowledge of Toon Boom Harmony), traditional animation, special effects software or of vectorised drawing software (Flash);
 Be rigorous and methodic;
 Bilingual (French/English) and good written and verbal communication skills.
You must be a strong team player, display good interpersonal skills, show initiative and autonomy, and have demonstrated success in delivering high reliability products in a critical time environment.

Please submit your resume by email to



January 21, 2014 in Job Hunting



1) When a user sitting at a workstation enters a URL into their web browser, what is

happening behind the scenes, from a network perspective? Describe in as much detail as you

feel is relevant to this position.

2) Imagine that you are given the task of setting up a network from scratch, for a small

branch office, where there will be 30 users. Some are developers, some are accounting staff,

a couple of them are HR. There are no network administrators at this location. What would

be a good design for the network at this office? What servers would you require? How many

switches, and of what type? How much bandwidth would you suggest giving them? Justify

your answers. Also, please provide a small sketch of the network topology that you would


3) Please list five command-line utilities that you consider absolutely essential for managing

a network of Linux or UNIX servers (from a network perspective, i.e.: for troubleshooting

network issues, etc). Please explain why you choose each command.

4) Describe the last project you worked on. What were some obstacles, and how did you

overcome them? What, if anything, would you do differently the next time you have to do the

same thing?

5) On a UNIX system, how would you find all commands that are exactly two characters in


6) What’s the difference between programming and scripting? What scripting languages, if

any, are you familiar with? What is your favorite? Why?

7) Imagine that you have a large office network, with roughly 500 users, dozens of switches,

and multiple VLANs, spread throughout a large building. What should you do with the

spanning-tree protocol, if anything? Should you change default values on any of the switches?

Under what circumstances would you do so, or avoid doing so, and why?


Finding a job: Part one

January 10, 2014 in Job Hunting




January 8, 2014 in Job Hunting


计算机专业,国内有近4年网管经验,技术一般,无任何专业认证,在国内学过part time近半年法语, 英语四级。


2010年落户蒙特利尔, 边打工边等COFI(政府资助的法语培训班),收银员一干就是一年有余,2011年1月开始上魁北克大学的法语证书班,学完一个学期,4月底开始找工作。

在网上找到一个帮忙免费改简历和模拟面试的纯法语机构carrefour jeunesse emploi, 个人认为还是很有用的。我原来只有英语的简历,自己按照网上的模板改了个法语的,到这个机构有专人一对一辅导,从最开始的改法语简历,每周见面一次,改完就是每周一次的模拟面试,刚开始已经有几家面试啦,每周见面要总结一下经验教训。3个月的项目都结束啦,8月底还是没有消息,就业顾问只好说拜拜,Bonne Chance(好运)!






后来先后也面试了几家,其中一家是做 bureau en gross(本地大型连锁电脑卖场)的技术员,纯法语电话面试,当然我的法语当时也是磕磕绊绊,问了我一堆笔记本硬件问题如何诊断,就这样又没有下文。


加航aeroplan的技术支持, 电话面试纯英语,当时表现得可能不是很好,他说需要一个能跟客户用英语流利交流的,我当时确实达不到。



另一家做邮件和主机服务的,信息部经理和人力资源经理还有个信息部同事一起面试,问了我几个Linux的简单命令,如何显示所有进程。。在国内我都是搞的Windows, 所以这个也黄啦。。



同时进行的还有一家就是现在这个公司,做动漫软件设计的,也是技术支持。先人力资源法语电话面试,当时我正在上课,出了教室找个没人的地方我就把法语简历摊开。人力打过来的时候我还在看简历,当时我连Animation是什么都不知道,她问我用过什么软件没有,我说原来学校用的是 3D max,可能是还在上法语课的原因,人力主管说我的法语说得很好。。。叫我等消息,后来就是约技术支持主管英语面试,西班牙人,口音很重听不太懂,大概问了下我简历上的相关经验,这次才知道这个公司是做动画设计的,和我原来工作过的学校教的软件差不多,类似于flash,我就说我有经验,安装激活都搞过,面完以后感觉不错,又是等消息。我马上就要交魁大的学费了,我打了个电话问人力资源什么时候决定,如果不要我, 我就去交钱继续读书啦,她说第二天答复,后来就一直工作到现在。


1 简历双语很重要,要准备好英语和法语版的,开始我投英语简历,没几个回的,除非是说纯英语的公司,但在蒙特利尔可以算上是凤毛麟角。

2 简历要有针对性,定位准确,最好有个模板,准备每个岗位不同的技能和经验,家/园网友们的简历,不能千篇一律。我开始上面写的要管理工作经验,但是我投的都是些技术岗位,后来删减了这部分内容,回 复的也就越来越多。

3 自荐信也很重要,我也是后来才知道要写自荐信当正文,简历做附件。自荐信和简历一样要有针对性,根据岗位需求调整你的技能和经验简介。

4 面试辅导机构,从开始什么都不懂,面试中的注意事项,如何和魁北克本地人打交道,各种面试技巧只有魁瓜自己最清楚。所以找个类似的机构,慢慢了解就业市场和面试的问题。

5 语言不好的话(比如我),随时把自己的法语和英语简历带在身上,还可以自己列出来一些常见的面试问答,电话面试的时候就靠这个啦。我往往就在电话面试的时候被干掉,就是这个第一印象不好。

6 提前了解面试公司的情况,主要产品,公司介绍等等。

7 面试不要迟到。

8 着装方面我也就不说了,根据自己的条件吧,关键要得体,我就是始终一套衣服打天下。。。

9 找工网站:


蒙特利尔常见面试问题-part1: HR面试2

December 13, 2013 in Job Hunting


HR面试场景分两种,电话面试和face to face面试。



2) 准备好voice mail和来电显示。蒙特利尔这里电话费比较贵,很多人都不想额外付钱加来电显示的费用,但是想想一份价值几万刀的工作,这个必要的投资还是需要的。一般hr如果没有打通你的电话,会有电话留言,同时也会发邮件给你,你直接按号码打回去可以了。

3)电话面试很重要的是你回答的内容和语气。记得语气听上去一定要对这份工作和实习抱有十分的热情和兴趣. 这样会相对留下好印象。

4)  接电话的时候,一定要记得说how are you,西方的习惯,如果你真的忘记了,也就算了,不需要强求,融洽就好。谈话结束的时候,应该加上一句,have a nice day.

5) 有些同学可能对自己的英语不是很有自信所以打电话会结巴。其实反正都看不到对方,就把对方想象成是自己很熟悉的朋友或者教授,或者就安慰自己说反正说糟糕了人家也不知道我长什么样子。这样可以帮自己壮胆.而且一般hr他们都比较专业,知道如何因势利导,让你放松下来,当然,准备一套适合的说辞还是很有必要的。尤其是自我介绍.

Face to face 面试在猎头中用的比较多。猎头的二面可能会让你去office见个面,这种也属于HR面试.

1) 千万不要迟到.蒙特利尔的交通不错,但是总是有以外,上班时间,堵车会晚点半小时以上,非高峰时间,会不准时你正好错过了,地铁偶尔也会挂,开车说不定遇上修路。所以,请至少预留15分钟,半小时也未尝不可。

2)衣着要得体。小心无大错,business casual是起码的要求,无论你的面试官穿什么,你不可以随便,因为他只是普通的一天,而你不是.牛仔裤和T恤请在不面试的时候穿,如果不是乔布斯,请把头发洗洗..

3) 多说自己和公司要求吻合的经历。这里和国内不一样,国内说的多的人会让人觉得夸夸其谈,但是在北美,不会说的人会被认为没有能力展示自己,属于能力的缺陷,所以,请放心大胆的说吧.



December 8, 2013 in Job Hunting

今年大约在蒙特利尔面试了一百多次,形形色色的面试题遇到过不少。 在此对蒙城常见面试问题做一部分介绍和总结.

面试一般可以分为两种,行为面试和技术面试. 通常来说,面试的流程一般是HR面试-技术面试-PM面试。hr或者manager一般集中在行为面试,部分技术面试的时候也会掺杂一些行为面试的问题,但是相对比较少。所以,如果行为面试的问题你答不好,你会损失进入技术面的机会(出师未捷身先死)或者是在最后一轮丧失了拿offer的机会(功亏一篑)。 这篇博文讲主要集中在HR面试中可能问到的一些问题,HR一般问的面试会比较有套路,因为他只是做第一轮删选,基本不会有太难答的问题. 事先有准备一般不难过.

HR 的行为面试题:

  • Tell me about yourself ?
  • Why did you choose that particular degree programme?
  • What experience have you had that is relevant to this post?
  • What would you consider your major achievements to date?
  • How do you handle a challenge? Give an example.
  • Have you ever made a mistake? How did you handle it?
  • Give an example of a goal you reached and tell me how you achieved it.
  • What interests you about this job?
  • Why you are leaving your current company?
  • What do you know about this organisation?
  • What other options are you considering?
  • Do you have any other interviews on going?
  • How do you see your career developing – 5 years?
  • Give an example of how you worked on team.
  • What did you do in your last job to contribute toward a teamwork environment?
  • Are you willing to relocate?
  • When are you be able to on board?
  • What is your salary expectation?
  • Will you company give you a counter offer?