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1) When a user sitting at a workstation enters a URL into their web browser, what is

happening behind the scenes, from a network perspective? Describe in as much detail as you

feel is relevant to this position.

2) Imagine that you are given the task of setting up a network from scratch, for a small

branch office, where there will be 30 users. Some are developers, some are accounting staff,

a couple of them are HR. There are no network administrators at this location. What would

be a good design for the network at this office? What servers would you require? How many

switches, and of what type? How much bandwidth would you suggest giving them? Justify

your answers. Also, please provide a small sketch of the network topology that you would


3) Please list five command-line utilities that you consider absolutely essential for managing

a network of Linux or UNIX servers (from a network perspective, i.e.: for troubleshooting

network issues, etc). Please explain why you choose each command.

4) Describe the last project you worked on. What were some obstacles, and how did you

overcome them? What, if anything, would you do differently the next time you have to do the

same thing?

5) On a UNIX system, how would you find all commands that are exactly two characters in


6) What’s the difference between programming and scripting? What scripting languages, if

any, are you familiar with? What is your favorite? Why?

7) Imagine that you have a large office network, with roughly 500 users, dozens of switches,

and multiple VLANs, spread throughout a large building. What should you do with the

spanning-tree protocol, if anything? Should you change default values on any of the switches?

Under what circumstances would you do so, or avoid doing so, and why?


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